What we believe

What we believe

  1. ‘’New Jerusalem Church ‘’ accepts the general priesthood of God’s people wherever Christians known by the church are, they can pray and hear the word of God.
  2. The regulations that define the statutes of the church are prepared by the executive committee and approved by the general assembly.

Those regulations permit the church to walk in program, teaching in accordance with the scriptures written in the Holy Bible. Those regulations are based on the following;

  1. Bible

We believe:

  • That the Bible is the full word of God
  • That all scriptures are breathed by God’s spirit
  • That our faith is based on Bible (2 Timothy 3: 16)

2. GOD

We believe in one God, the trinity of father, son and Holy Spirit, God created earth and heaven, the visible and invisible and all were revealed in Christ Jesus.

  • Jesus Christ

We believe:

  • That Jesus is God who made himself human;
  • That before his transformation, he was in communion with God Father and Holy Spirit;
  • That his death was (had been)a sacrifice of sins of all people on earth;
  • His Physical resurrection and that he went in heaven where he is the mediator of men and God and that he will come back to take his church
  • That our Lard Jesus Christ is the head of the Church

3.Holy Spirit

We believe:

  • That the holy spirit is God fully and he is honoured and glorified as the Father and Son;
  • That he convinces men of their sins;
  • That he leads men in righteousness and to walk in the way of truth
  • That he transforms men in new creatures and strengthen them
  • That he is the one who gives gifts of God to each one and in time he determines

4. Satan

We believe:

  • That Satan and demons exist
  • That he is the origin of the sin
  • That he is the enemy of man;
  • That his end is the destruction.

5. Man

  • That a man was created by God and in God’s image;
  • That he committed sin, which separated him from God and brought death in the spirit and in flesh;
  • That a man was redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ and whoever believes in him is reconciled to God

6. Salvation

We believe:

  • That the salvation was given by the grace of God for whoever receives Jesus Christ as the saviour and king of his life
  • That those who are born by the Spirit of God are protected by God and transformed to be like the king and to do good woks in kingdom of God

7. The return of Jesus

We believe:

  • The return of our Lord Jesus Christ in his glory to judge the dead and those who will be alive;
  • That the righteous will inherit external life but;
  • The sinners will be condemned to death (destruction)


We accept and believe the ceremonies of the church that are found in the New Testament. Those  are the following:

  1. Baptism: is to immerse the believer in water (or to lay the believer under water) that shows the acceptation of Jesus Christ his death, his burial his resurrection and to walk in new life.
  2. Holy Supper: is a ceremony in remembrance of the death of Christ and the New Testament strengthened by his blood, showing also his death until his return. There are two things involved:
  3. Bread: means the body of Christ which was broken because of our sins;
  4. Wine: Represents the blood which was shed by Jesus Christ as a sacrifice of atonement of our sins
  5. Wedding
  6. Blessing the children
  7. To burial Ceremony